In any form of racing the one thing that is necessary in order to race is a race track. In order to have a race track, racers and companies alike must support these local tracks and hobby shops to keep them thriving. With the increase in sponsorships and major races around the nation, many local tracks and hobby shops are suffering from a lack of support at local races, weekly club racing, and hobby shop sales. Too many are closing up shop – leaving no where for racers to go racing.

For 2024, BOOM Graphics is taking a new approach to sponsorship in hopes to encourage our team to support their local tracks and hobby shops by requiring a MINIMUM OF 8 VERIFIED LOCAL OR CLUB RACE RESULTS FROM 2023, AND A MINIMUM ATTENDANCE AT 8 OR MORE LOCAL OR CLUB RACES IN 2024 TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR SPONSORSHIP.

While this may be a small gesture in the big scheme of things, our goal is that we can do our part to make a positive impact with sponsorships by supporting racers who work hard supporting the roots and foundation of racing.

If you feel you are ready and eligible to join a team of some of the most stylish racers in the world, fill out the sponsorship application below and wait patiently for an email from the BOOM team manager if you are selected as a team driver for 2024!

Important Note: ALL existing team drivers MUST fill out the application below in order to be re-considered for 2024. Do NOT assume your sponsorship will be automatically renewed!