Here at BOOM Graphics live by the motto “Look Fast, Go Fast”. Whether you are a beginner racer learning the ropes, or a seasoned professional, our custom decal kits ensure that you’re cars and equipment are looking fast. Our fully customizable sticker kits allow you to represent your driver name with your choice of colors to match your style. Each kit includes 1.5″, 1.75″, and 2″ driver name stickers.

• Manufactured from high performance motorsports material to handle dirt, mud, water, and the rigors of R/C car racing.
• Pre-cut for easy peel and stick application (no scissor cutting required).
• Lightweight to look fast while keeping your car going fast.

Standard Color Sticker Kit – $19.99
Flo/Neon Color Sticker Kit* – $24.99
Metallic Color Sticker Kit** – $24.99

*Fluorescent / Neon Sticker Kits are limited to only 1 fluorescent / neon color per sheet.
**Flo colors are NOT an option for metallic sticker kits. ALL colors on metallic sticker kits will print with a metallic finish.

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