NEW! BOOMrc Chassis Protector Kits

Chassis Main

Let’s face it…you spend $500+ getting the R/C car of your dreams up and running, and one run in your chassis looks like murder scene of scratches, wear, and tear.

Protect your beloved chassis in style with the all-new BOOMrc Pre-Cut Chassis Protectors! 

These chassis protectors feature the latest BOOMrc livery printed on high-adhesive material for long lasting stick, coated with your choice of STANDARD (recommended for 1/10 scale indoor racing) or HEAVY DUTY (recommended for 1/8 scale outdoor racing) protection, and pre-cut for easy peel and stick application.

Don’t like the look of the generic BOOMrc design? Customized chassis decals are also available upon request!

  • Standard Duty Pre-Cut BOOMrc Chassis Protector – $9.99
  • Heavy Duty Pre-Cut BOOMrc Chassis Protector – $14.99
  • Custom Pre-Cut Chassis Protector (Standard Duty) – $19.99
  • Custom Pre-Cut Chassis Protector (Heavy Duty) – $24.99

To order your very own BOOMrc Chassis Protector – EMAIL US at!


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